About Skyline

Orgrimmar Tech was started in 2014 in Beijing China by Drs. Changhai Jiang and Hai Hu. They had
successfully collaborated before completing their thesis in Software Reliability and Architecture.
Winning awards together throughout their graduate studies.
• 2013 Angelhack Beijing - Grande Prize Winners
• 2011 Apple Campus DevCon - China National Winners
• 2010 China Mobile DevCon - 2nd place out of 6000
The awards continued as Orgrimmar changed its name to Skyline IT, culminating with the Skyline
becoming the first Chinese startup to be accepted into the Silicon Valley based Alchemist Accelerator ,
one of the top 5 business to business accelerators in the United States.
• 2015 Alchemist Accelerator (Top B2B Accelerator in SV)
• 2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shenzhen Division) - 2nd Prize
• 2015 Dark Horse-SVIEF New Material Startup Contest (SV) - 1st Winner
• 2014 “Chuang Qing Chun” National Entrepreneurship Competition - Gold Medal Awards
• 2014 Funded by Nanjing 321 Plan - $160K + perks
It was after completing the Alchemist program that Skyline’s focus on retail began to take shape. Using
their proprietary Skyline Micro Service Architecture (SMSA). Skyline modernized Lenovo’s retail stores,
then built the first Amazon Go like store in China for Kungfushu.
Dr. Hu realized there was untapped opportunity for Skyline in retail. As brick and mortar retailers lost
more and more market to online, online companies were looking to bricks and mortar. Customer
conversion and user satisfaction are higher in store, so while many traditional bricks and mortar retailers
were feeling pressure from on line, on line retailers require outlets, or showrooms, to showcase their
higher end products or people may now buy.
Retailers were running their bricks and mortar and online stores in completely different silos, at the
expense of customer service and experience. SMSA was ideally suited to build the bridge from legacy
online systems, POS and other instore systems.
At this time it became evident in order to grow Skyline would need to move to the North American
market. In conjunction with Innovacorp, Skyline was attracted to be the first immigrant startup visa
company in Nova Scotia. With a foothold in the North American market, Skyline located in the Volta
Labs Startup Accelerator.
Skyline Smart Retail was born with the knowledge that in 2018 there 12,000 retail stores projected to
close, and by 2023, 600 shopping malls will close. Retailers refer to this trend as the Retail Apocalypse.
Skyline helps retailers, survive, adapt and thrive in the post apocalyptic retail world.
The simple goal of the Skyline Smart Retail System is to help retailers increase conversion rates making
every visitor to their bricks and mortar store count. The fact remains that instore conversion rates
remain at 20%+ vs online 3% is the top number. With declining in store traffic this is more important
than ever before to engage every customer that come in. Skyline Smart Retail helps you understand

more about important store traffic. It gives your associates access to information that helps them close
more customers and create a richer customer experience.
Skyline uses sensors in retail stores that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. Customers
typically start by installing an Android Smartphone connected to their instore Wi-Fi, more permanent
sensors can also be installed. Once the sensors are installed Skyline uses facial recognition to identify
people who enter the store.
Once customer data is captured in store retailers can detect who is entering their store, how often they
visit, if they buy anything and basic demographic information. Much deeper content than what
customers of Retail Next, Euclid, Walkbase or Brickstream can provide with simple people counting and
loyalty tracking software can provide. Customers don’t want to install apps anymore, millennials resist
using loyalty cards. Customers want great experiences, Skyline helps you deliver. No software to
install, no loyalty cards, no apps to download. Installed in minutes, actionable data begins to flow in
minutes. Many customers find that this data insight alone combined with Skyline’s attractive pricing
makes installation worthwhile
But the value does not need to end with customer counting and foot traffic. Skyline’s artificial
intelligence (AI) engine takes data from instore, combines it with online store information. Customers
that opt in benefit from a customer experience powered by the tools that you use today or industry
leading tools you want to use. Online recommendation, CRM integration, Marketing program engines
can all be integrated.
Customers using the system seen an increase in instore conversion making every person in store count.
This is especially important in climate of decreasing foot traffic.