A Small Step for Moonmoon, A Giant Step for RetailDeep

The Omni-Channel Profile - Every Retail Marketer's Holy Grail

The Omni-Channel Profile - Every Retail Marketer's Holy Grail

Today we are thrilled to announce that RetailDeep made its first intelligent connection between a customer visiting record and a purchase record in the POS system, putting the name, the items and the total price to a face recognized in Moonmoon Cosmetics Boutique in Halifax, our very first angel customer.

This is the first customer with omni-channel profile for Moonmoon Cosmetics who boasts 700+ local loyal member customers. A big thank you to Christina and your team of associates for the trust and support you gave us. We look forward to build all of your loyal customers personalized omni-channel profiles so you will know who just entered and how to provide personalized suggestions and experience.

Also a big thumb up for Lei, our lead engineer for the AI backend that made this magic possible, great work!

This is a tiny step for Moonmoon, but a huge step for RetailDeep, an AI dedicated for retailers learning its first bay steps.