Customer Service is a dying skill set.

With millennials in the workforce are we losing customer service. Does the youth of today just not care? The good news is, probably not. The problem is we are dealing with the best informed generation in human history. Millennials don’t typically have to make decisions or choices without research. Think of it, 18-25 year old set can always check Google, Wikipedia or Social Media.  Putting them in a retail store and asking them to make a snap decision on how to interact with a customer is very intimidating.  Engagement is crucial, retailers with engaged Associates grow profits 3x faster than competitors, and a 5% increase in engagement has a similar size impact on revenue.

You are not giving your employees the tools they need to do their job.

At Retail Deep we provide the tools that empower your Associates to give great customer service. Retail Deep provides actionable information to instore associates when then need it. You’re Associates approach customers informed and confident.