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Thanks to @Kurt for the artwork, we are launching our first RetailDeep video:

Online competitors and high associate turnover are taking a toll on retail business. Retailers are losing the personal connection to customer, while customer expectations are on the rise. Although the way people shop has changed, 75% of customers claim they would rather buy in person than on line , and are 86% likely to spend more. There may be fewer customers coming into your store, but those that do are the ones that matter. 

RetailDeep helps retailers make every customer interaction count.

We offers an affordable system that can be setup in minutes, and starts building your customer profiles immediately. Our AI engine helps associates exceed individual customer expectations, and provides timely, actionable and personalized insight, in the right place at the right time.

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A Small Step for Moonmoon, A Giant Step for RetailDeep

A Small Step for Moonmoon, A Giant Step for RetailDeep

RetailDeep made first intelligent connection between visitor recognition and POS purchase record in Halifax pilot store today.