Simple, Frictionless & GDPR Compliant Personalization


Personalizing your shopping experience as simple as 1-2-3 with RetailDeep:

  1. Customers opt-in as they sign-up for membership/loyalty program, allowing to connect their facial data with their purchase records and online shopping history;

  2. Install an off-the-shelf Android phone/tablet at your entrance, with the RetailDeep app installed and connect to Wi-Fi;

  3. Train your staff how to use the actionable insights, to levitate your shopper experience!


A Deeper Dive in Foot Traffic Analytics


For fast changing retail environments, there is nothing more important than understanding the answer to a simple question:

“Who is visiting your stores and what are they looking for?“

RetailDeep’s advanced traffic analytics tool helps you take a deeper look into your foot traffic data, providing not just a visitors count but also their age groups, gender, ethnics. Moreover, we can tell you how many of your customers are repeat customers and visit frequency. Our store sentiment dashboard even gauge customer happiness across any of your stores. Paired with POS data, we help you understand not only what items are selling better but also which group of customers are buying them.


Know Your Customer at the Doorstep


Empower your associates with real-time, actionable, personalized insights of the customer within seconds, on your POS screen or on their mobile devices.


DIY Installation in 15 Minutes

RetailDeep uses commodity hardware that you can find in any electronics store - Android Smart Phones as its facial recognition sensor.

Simply go buy a phone, install our app and find a spot in your store to place it. All it need is connection a USB power and Wi-Fi.